*photo credit Twig & Olive Photography

*photo credit Twig & Olive Photography

  • Wife of 23 years

  • Mama to four crazy boys

  • Lover of Jesus, fizzy drinks and Mexican food

    There are so many things that have brought me to where I am now in life but the best parts of this life are the people I love! I was born and raised right here in Lincoln. I graduated from Northeast High School (Once a Rocket, always a Rocket!) and started my journey into adulthood working full time. I have done a lot of jobs since then (phlebotomist, data entry, insurance customer service, owned a local money saving website) but my favorites have always involved kids and families. I did daycare in my home for 13 years, worked in Child Watch at the YMCA for 3 years and even worked as a lunch lady at my boys school.

There is just something magical about the uniqueness of each person and family. God in all His awesomeness has created each of us differently and it just amazes me! Until I began my photography journey in 2009 with classes at SCC, I don’t think I was aware just how different we all really are but something about looking through the lens of my camera brings that all to light. Once I saw life through my lens there was no turning back on capturing life and love one frame at a time!