Meet The Shefferd Family

You know what the best part of my job is as a photographer?  Meeting so many awesome people!  It is so fun to be a part of your family for an hour or so and watch you play, interact and love each other.  God made some pretty amazing things, but in my opinion, families are the best!!

When the Shefferds pulled up I instantly knew that I had something in common with dad.  He is the Daddy to four amazing little girls like I am blessed with four boys.  He's outnumbered in every way (their license plates is even SHE xxx, lol) but he loved on them all like their Prince Charming.

The girls get their beauty from their Mama and even though I spent just moments with them I can tell that her beauty is so much more then skin deep.  They are all pretty amazing people even down to the sweet baby and I am lucky to have been choosen to capture their love for one another.  Thanks, Shefferd Family!