{B} Family Fun | Family Photographer Lincoln, Nebraska

I meet up with the {B} family at Mahoney State Park a couple weeks ago.  It was so fun to shoot at a new location and to meet such a sweet family.  It was crazy hot but crazy fun too.  Their kiddos are all so adorable.  

{C} was such a sweet and helpful big brother.  You can tell he loves his sister and little brother.  {B} is all girl and the perfect little lady.  So sweet with a little spunk in there too I think.  {E} gave me a run for my money as all two year olds do.  He wasn't about sitting still which I love.  I love the energy and curiosity that kids have at this age so I like just let them be and go with the flow.  I'm not going to lie. I am praying the whole time that I can get a least one family shot and and a few of them smiling for Dad and Mom.  He was full of smiles so I as able to get lots for them this time - yay!

Thanks {B} family for the honor of capturing your life and love for one another!