{Princess B} Is Turning One! | Lincoln, Nebraska Children's Photography

This sweet little lady turns one this week!  She wasn't 100% sure about the whole picture thing but she did great.  Headbands are not her thing and she wasn't completely on board with sitting in the gorgeous antique stroller that her Daddy and Grandpa bought for her when she was really little.  She does love cheerios and her big brother though! We captured a few sweet moments of the two of them that their parents can use when they are fighting someday to remind them that they do love one another.

Happy 1st birthday, Princess {B}!

I love capturing profiles.  It think they show so much of the changes that happen as little one's grow up.  So sweet!



Let Them Eat Cake!! | Children's Photographer Lincoln, Nebraska

This sweet little lady is officially ONE!  It's so bittersweet because that means I won't get to see her every few months but also so fun to see her as a big girl now.  She was so smiley for me this time and that was even before we brought out the cake. Of course, once the cake was set in front of her she wasted no time smashing it, eating and loving it!  I'm pretty sure she smashed her cake faster than any other baby I've ever seen.  It was awesome!!

TI don't know if it was the sugar high from the cake or just that she was having so much fun but he longer we went the spunkier.  By the time we put her in the tub she was being such a little ham and had so much fun playing in the water.  She is seriously so sweet with just a dash of adorable spunkiness like her big sisters.

Happy 1st birthday Miss {J}!!  

Look who's so smart she knows she is 1!!

Look who's so smart she knows she is 1!!

{Miss E} is 6 Months Old

I can't believe this little sweet little lady is 6 months old already.  It seems like we were just doing her 3 month session!  I love that she is just so mellow and go with the flow during her sessions while her sisters are all doing there thing.  She never makes a peep and just watches them all.  And when she looks at her Mama my heart melts.

Her Mama and Daddy will be in big trouble when the boys start noticing her gorgeous blue eyes.  They are the most stunning shade of dark blue I have ever seen!  And her sweet little pout!  Yep, they should probably lock her up now, lol!

{Miss A} is 4 Months Old

It is hard to believe that this little lady is the same tiny little miracle born weighing just 2 lbs 6.1 oz.  God is good all the time!  All the time God is good!  He answered the prayers of so many people who love her and her sweet family and she is growing up big and strong.

I can't wait to see her continue to grow into the little lady that God created her to be!