Looks Who's 2!! | Children's Photographer Lincoln, Nebraska

This sweet little thing is 2!!  Let's just say she loved my camera and thought I was pretty fun.  Her smile lights up the room and lights up her Mimi's heart.  

And let's just chat about how much I LOVE paint sessions with 2 year olds.  They are seriously my fav sessions ever.  It is so fun to watch them do "big kid things".  You can see their little wheels turning as they get handed a paint brush, some paint and get turned lose.  There are no rules, no sitting still, no spots to stand, no smiles requested, no plan or directions.  Just paint and so much fun!  And the look on their face when they see what they have made all by themselves is priceless!  I even got painted when it was all said and done.  They are THE best!!