{Miss E} is 6 Months Old

I can't believe this little sweet little lady is 6 months old already.  It seems like we were just doing her 3 month session!  I love that she is just so mellow and go with the flow during her sessions while her sisters are all doing there thing.  She never makes a peep and just watches them all.  And when she looks at her Mama my heart melts.

Her Mama and Daddy will be in big trouble when the boys start noticing her gorgeous blue eyes.  They are the most stunning shade of dark blue I have ever seen!  And her sweet little pout!  Yep, they should probably lock her up now, lol!

My Sweet Friend Max

Max is my newest little friend and is he not just the sweetest?!  That half smile of his, oh my, just melts my heart!!  He was such a happy little man and was just pretty chill during his whole photo session through all his outfit changes and my crazy camera clicking.  

And Max brought along his big sister and oh how he loves her.  You can see it in the last image which is just too sweet for words!!

I can't wait until he comes back to celebrate his 1st birthday with me!!