{Miss E} is 6 Months Old

I can't believe this little sweet little lady is 6 months old already.  It seems like we were just doing her 3 month session!  I love that she is just so mellow and go with the flow during her sessions while her sisters are all doing there thing.  She never makes a peep and just watches them all.  And when she looks at her Mama my heart melts.

Her Mama and Daddy will be in big trouble when the boys start noticing her gorgeous blue eyes.  They are the most stunning shade of dark blue I have ever seen!  And her sweet little pout!  Yep, they should probably lock her up now, lol!

{Miss A} is 4 Months Old

It is hard to believe that this little lady is the same tiny little miracle born weighing just 2 lbs 6.1 oz.  God is good all the time!  All the time God is good!  He answered the prayers of so many people who love her and her sweet family and she is growing up big and strong.

I can't wait to see her continue to grow into the little lady that God created her to be!


I am so excited to be a part of these to love birds wedding this weekend.  I have know Elizabeth for a very long time and it is such an honor to a part of her special day.  Josh is so sweet to her and watching him with her girls melts my heart.  They already have him wrapped around their adorable little fingers.

Four more days until #GruntoradPartyofFive and I can't wait!

And Baby Makes Three

I had so much fun hanging out with these two (minus the 1,000 ticks and 6,000 mosquitoes) and captured the final weeks before baby Oborny arrives.  If there has ever been a pregnant women that glowed Kari is it!  I mean for real, who looks this gorgeous when they are  8 months pregnant?! She was such a trouper too trudging through tall grass and weeds, down hills and even covered in ticks to get these gorgeous images.  And Marty was so sweet during the whole thing and quite the natural in front of the camera too!

I can't wait to meet their sweet little boy when he arrives.  He is going to be one very lucky boy to get these two as parents!